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    About Our Firm

    Sanchez Hayes & Associates, LLC has successfully represented clients facing all types of legal challenges. Our attorneys specialize in all aspects of criminal defense – including Juvenile and DUI defense – as well as Personal Injury law

    Our Promise

    At Sanchez Hayes & Associates, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and we pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards of professional conduct while still vigorously defending our clients’ rights with the full force of the law. We seek justice and a favorable outcome, with constant attention to our clients’ interests and needs.

    When you speak with members of our firm, we will assist you in understanding the legal process you are about to face – including a timeline of when matters will occur in your case, the likelihood of trial, and the potential outcome of your case. We aim to ensure that you understand what is occurring in your case every step of the way, and will answer any and all of your questions as promptly and effectively as possible. We will also assist you in understanding the choices that you have in going forward with your case, and what those choices mean for you in the future.

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    For comprehensive legal assistance in any of our practice areas, please contact us at 770-692-5020 or by completing an email request on our contact page.