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    Employment Law

    The attorneys at Sanchez, Hayes & Associates are committed to aggressive representation of clients involved in all types of employment litigation including but not limited to:

    Race, Sex, Disability Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment

    Employment Contracts and Litigation
    Our employment law practice includes advising clients on discrimination issues (including harassment, gender, race, age, and disability), non-statutory contract and tort claims, severance agreements and separation packages, wage issues, non-compete agreements, wrongful termination and many other issues.

    We effectively counsel our management clients with respect to the following:

    • Human resources issues, including hiring policies and practices
    • Employment manuals and handbooks
    • Disciplinary and termination decisions
    • Compliance issues with respect to federal, state, and local laws and regulations

    Because we believe that employers and employees should treat each other with honesty and fairness, we regularly provide our corporate clients with preventative advice to help them comply with legal requirements and avoid costly litigation. We work with both management clients and business individuals to develop positive and productive employment practices designed to minimize conflict.

    We represent individuals regarding the following:

    • Discrimination claims of every type
    • Breach of contract claims
    • Unpaid wages
    • Retaliation
    • Employment Agreements/Severance Packages
    • Noncompete Agreements

    Our firm has handled thousands of employment-related matters, involuntary negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and trials. When disputes cannot be avoided or resolved informally, our attorneys bring the experience necessary to represent clients in the multiple forum that employment matters are heard, including administrative agencies and federal and state courts.