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    What to do if your child is charged with a DUI

    Many parents have contacted our office after their child’s arrest for DUI and/or vehicular homicide charges. Often, parents are angry, frustrated, and embarrassed by their child’s actions, but most commonly, they are concerned and afraid of what the future may hold for their child. We work not only to protect your child in the defense of his/her case, but also to ensure that you are well informed of the road ahead.

    As a parent, it is essential that you hire the best attorney to represent him/her in both your child’s criminal defense and in the administrative license hearings to ensure that your child’s future is safeguarded as well as possible. It is imperative that you tell him/her the importance  of a strong legal defense – as a DUI conviction can have countless impact on his/her workforce opportunities.  A DUI charge can also have serious consequences on your child’s educational opportunities including the possibility of keeping them from getting into college or graduate school.

    In coming to terms with your child’s DUI arrest, please consider the following:

    • If your child has been arrested for DUI, he/she has most likely already spent between 6-24 hours in jail, had his/her car impounded, has been handcuffed, fingerprinted, and booked in a local or county jail, and has had his/her license taken by the arresting officer.
    • A DUI conviction can negatively impact a person for years to come. Your child may experience a direct financial impact in the increase in his/her insurance premiums, and a fine and/or probation costs associated with his/her conviction.  Additionally, your child may suffer long-term financial consequences resulting from suspension or other actions imposed by their educational institutions, prevention from admission to certain schools, and prevention from obtaining employment and/or earning a professional license in a variety of fields.
    • If your child fails to request an administrative license hearing before the Department of Driver’s Services within 10-days of his/her arrest, your child will likely loose their license and their ability to drive for a year or more.

    If you want to discuss the defense of your child or loved one who has been charged with a DUI or DUI-related offense, please contact us. Our attorneys will respond to your call right away, so please, call now at 770-692-5020.