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    Practice Leaders

    Rudjard Hayes

    Lead Practice Leader
    Criminal, Civil and Family Law

    Rudjard M. Hayes is a Partner at Sanchez Hayes & Associates, LLC, where he heads up the firm’s criminal section, civil litigation section and co-chairs the domestic section. Mr. Hayes previously worked as a Senior Assistant District Attorney (“ADA”) in the Griffin Judicial Circuit. He also formerly served as a Senior ADA in the Coweta Judicial Circuit. (read more)

    Anita Clark

    Practice Leader for The Consensus Group
    (the consulting division of the firm)

    With over a decade of legal experience, Anita Clark works as a Practice Leader for our Employment/ Human Resource Consulting section of the firm, The Consensus Group.   She assists employers in the investigation, assessment, and resolution of employee complaints, including but not limited to:   Fair Labor Standard Act claims and EEOC employment discrimination claims… (read more)

    Christopher “Doc” Upshaw

    Attorney for Sanchez Hayes & Associates, LLC
    Criminal and Civil Law

    Christopher “Doc” Upshaw is an Associate at Sanchez Hayes & Associates, LLC, where he assists with the firm’s criminal, civil litigation, and employment practice. A large part of Mr. Upshaw’s practice is devoted to criminal defense, where he represents and defends the rights of the accused in municipal, state, superior, and federal courts throughout Georgia. (read more)