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    About Us

    Commitment to Legal Excellence & Client Service
    At Sanchez Hayes & Associates, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of justice, client service and client satisfaction. We strive for legal excellence in all areas of our practice: Criminal Defense, Juvenile Defense, DUI defense, Family & Divorce Law, and Personal Injury. Our firm is dedicated to staying at the forefront of our practice areas and maintaining   knowledge on the changes in the law so that we can best protect our clients’ interests at all times. Our commitment to providing the best legal representation possible to each of our clients reflects our focus on safeguarding the best interests of our clients.

    Our attorneys are not only committed to providing the best and most vigorous representation of our clients as possible, but we are also committed to ethics and professionalism. Our dedication to ethics and professionalism drives our interest to represent our clients in a manner that takes into account the client’s legal interests as well as their personal and financial interests. We strive to explore all avenues of recovery with our clients and take a course of action that the client deems appropriate based on not only the law, but an individual cost-benefit analysis. Throughout our attention to detail regarding not only our clients as legal parties, but also as individuals we assist our clients in moving forward in a manner that is best for each client.

    Cost-Effective Legal Representation
    We take the time to meet  personally with each of our clients as frequently as needed to promptly respond to any and all concerns our clients may have. This also means that we focus on the needs and interests of our clients quickly and cost-effectively.

    Additionally, our direct contact with our clients safeguards the confidentiality of our client’s information. In criminal and domestic matters, the last thing our clients want is to know that dozens of people are aware of the personal detail of their case. By a focused approach to your case, we ensure that our client’s confidential matters remain confidential.

    Contact the Lawyers at Sanchez Hayes & Associates, LLC
    For an in-person meeting regarding your criminal matters, divorce and family law issues, and/or personal injury claims, please contact us at your convenience. An initial consultation is not a commitment by the client, rather it is an opportunity for you to seek advice from experienced attorneys and learn about the defense or prosecution of your claims.

    We are available to meet with you Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., or by special appointment. For comprehensive legal assistance  in any of our practice areas, please contact us at 770-692-5020 or by completing an email request on our contact page.